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What A Whiteboard Narrator Does For You 


Every company that desires to make a memorable visual impression and explain the superiority of their product or service uses whiteboard videos. The technique has a simplistic appeal that has one huge advantage. The method sells. This method sells better than anything.

A whiteboard narrator is an integral part of the success of whiteboard videos that sell. The whiteboard narrator is the only real human contact that a seller has with the potential buying audience. The voice is the thing that sells the concepts that are presented in the video. Without the voice the message is lost.

There are several qualities that the voices of the best whiteboard narrators have in common.

1) The voice is personally appealing

A friendly tone and an appealing manner in the voice of a whiteboard narrator keep the viewing audience interested. Remember, the voice is the only real human contact that the potential buyer is involved with. An approachable and enthusiastic tone is essential in selling.

People do not respond to an impersonal voice. The majority of people who would buy a product or service can be dissuaded from buying by an authoritative or demanding voice from a whiteboard narrator.

2) Brand match

The tone and inflection that the whiteboard narrator uses must match the brand and the image of the brand that the seller wants to present. An old voice selling the newest phone gadget just does not work.

The whiteboard narrator must have the ability to change their presentation and style to fit the brand and the audience. Consultation with the whiteboard narrator in regard to style, audience, demographics, and message is essential for the perfect response.

The whiteboard narrator must be flexible. The narrator must be able to educate, persuade, and amuse all within the short time frame of the whiteboard video.

3) Audience match

The voice must match the target audience. Versatility in tone and presentation is essential for an adept professional whiteboard narrator.

The narrator must be able to match their voice to a whimsical and slightly frivolous presentation as easily as they match their vocal style to the most serious and instructive of business presentations.

Vocal range and tone are important in matching the words to the audience. The capacity to change tone and manner in an instant is a huge sales factor.

4) Teaching

Whiteboard videos are really teaching tools. The idea is that the cartoon like characters and the voice teach the viewer about the product or service in such a compelling manner that the viewer must have whatever is being sold.

This is teaching at its most refined level. The voice teaches the audience to have an emotional connection to the product or service.

A whiteboard narrator that is compelling, matches the brand, matches the audience, and teaches the audience is an irresistible selling tool.

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