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Simple Tips For Voice Over Auditions 

     In the industry of voice over auditions, a pretty face doesn’t mean that you'll be the next Tara Strong or Billy West. Simply because you've got an exceptional voice doesn’t mean that you are destined for voice over stardom. You’re going to need training and some natural skills. The great news is that even though the voice-over business is competitive, there's lots of voice-over work out there for everyone. This below guide will help you get started. 

Get to know your voice 

     Get different scripts written or already used in voice over auditions in varying styles and tones. Read and record your voice and playback what you have recorded. With this, you can do a self-assessment and identify the scripts that sounded best when played back and that were easy to record. 

Play your recordings for other voice over talents 

     Ask questions about the audio. Let them decide the most and least successful recordings. Inquire about what they specifically liked and what they disliked. Use their responses to help decide where your strengths are and help you nail your next voice over audition. 

Select a suitable voice-over area 

     There's demand for the most distinctive voices, so don't give up hope if you haven't got a unique voice for a unique role. Even though a particular voice over audition might prefer a deep voice for a role, you unique voice or the richness of your tone might sway the judges your way on a whiteboard job. Remember to always wield your exceptional qualities to your favor! 

Study the script 

     If you are fortunate to receive the script ahead of the voice over audition, be sure you are extremely comfortable with the language and the message the script is trying to share. Learn which phrases work better and with what emphasis. Practice your role by studying with different tones, pace and emotions. Once you find what works best, practice it just as much as possible in the days (or even months!) leading to the audition. 

Practice out loud 

     Overall the most significant factor in being a great voice over artist has the ability to read aloud efficiently, identify the primary message of the script, and convey that message to the audience. Practice by reading your script out loud so that you will become very familiar with the way you sound and determine when to change your tone, in order to communicate a particular emotion. Because the audience cannot see you, it doesn't mean they can't visualize an image of you. Even if your just auditioning for a phone system (IVR) help the listener by giving them a nudge in the right direction. The only way to achieve this is to practice, practice, and practice! 

     Apart from the stress of voice over auditioning for work, lots of audition judges will purposely hassle you to see how you react under pressure. Remain cool, calm, and collected, and give it your best.

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