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If you are looking for a corporate or business voice over artist with 40 years experience, please visit my sample page www.BobTaylorProductions.com/elearning and we would be happy to give you a free sample and a quote. Here is an article for your reading pleasure. (article follows below)

What Corporate Voice Over Can Do For You 

Corporate voice over is a uniquely potent way to promote your product or service and to brand that product or service indelibly in the mind of the viewer (in the case of whiteboard or tutorial material) and listener. The voice is often the thing that cements a buy decision in the potential client. 

A corporate voice over professional is an artist and a knowledgeable business person. The assistance of a corporate voice over professional can make the difference in a video that breaks the internet and a video that does not even make back your investment. 

The things that corporate voice over helps you avoid 

1) Bad scripting 

Experience is the best teacher. An experienced corporate voice over artist is capable of using their successful experience to tweak your script into the selling machine that you want it to be. 

2) Bad voice 

Most business owners do not have the skill to do a successful corporate video. You may be the world’s best salesperson and you may have taken speech classes in college but you come across as tiring, boring, or dull in video. 

There is a huge difference between public speaking or making a presentation and the voice that is needed for a corporate voice over. Business owners just do not have the skill and experience that they need. 

What corporate voice over can do for you

1) Add style 

The voice over professional can adopt a number of different speaking styles; straight, dramatic, funny or as a character. The accomplished corporate voice over professional can adapt their voice to your product and message. The bottom line is that your bottom line gets better. 

2) Branding 

Branding is the thing that keeps people buying and talking about your product or service. In many cases the voice that a person remembers is a more powerful tool in persuading them to buy from you and talk about your company than the words that are spoken. This includes the company phone system and the voice that is the "voice they hear" every time they call the company. 

The thing people remember is how the voice made them feel. Creating the right emotion is the most important part of selling. The right voice saying the right thing sells for you and keeps your company in people’s minds. 

3) Quality 

Corporate voice over gives your video presentation and the message that you want to convey a superior level of quality. The quality is the impression of your product or service as delivered by a high quality speaker. The professional voice is the key to making your presentation a true work of art and genius or even into a company expose whereby the voice talent becomes a documentary narrator. 

4) Profit 

You sought out a corporate voice over artist because you know this method sells. The sales results are directly related to the quality of the voice, the adaptability of the speaker to the style you desire to present, and to the ability of the voice to help brand your company. 

If you would like to know more about our voice over services, please leave your contact detail below, or visit our sample page www.BobTaylorProductions.com for more info. We are ready to serve you. (contact form follows below)

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