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If you are looking for a cartoon or character voice over artist with 40 years experience, please visit my sample page www.BobTaylorProductions.com and we would be happy to give you a free sample and a quote. Here is an article for your reading pleasure. (article follows below)

What You Need To Know About A Cartoon Voice Over Career 

      The skill of a cartoon voice over actor is so fascinating that even famous actors acknowledge this. Many people reckon that they can do it with a funny voice, but this isn't all cartoon voice overs are about. You must bring the script to life for an audience who cannot see you. It is astonishing how many celebrities want to do it, but don't get offered these parts because they're used to acting with their entire body. 

     Sometimes female celebrities are often called upon to do cartoon voiceovers for kids because their voices are lighter than their male counterparts, and recruiting kids entails so much added red tape. A good cartoon or character voice over learns to create the right sound in the rear of their throat. Some expert cartoon voice overs will frequently watch children's stations to learn new techniques that will help them improve their voices.

 What The Experts Say About A Cartoon Voice Over Career

      A cartoon voice over job (sometimes as part of a whiteboard presentation) is the highlight of most voiceover careers. It can be tough for most adults because they have to find their inner child to connect with these characters. The trick, some experts in the industry say, is to grin while you are speaking because that makes your voice sound vibrant and cheery.

      This is an aggressive industry, and the key is to put in a lot of practice and get the right training to hone your voice talent. Try out several voices and tones on any script you plan to read in public. You want lots of ups and downs in your voice and more expression than in straight playing parts since the crowd cannot see you.

 Do I need any formal training?

      A traditional acting qualification is not needed for cartoon voice over jobs. Train every facet of your voice from one pitch to the next – training will also include learning exclamations like how to yelp if you are hit by a rock or thrown off a cliff. There are some formal training available that will help beginners put together a professional voice demo along with offering training and classes.

      Like every new profession, you will already have some skill. With cartoon voice over jobs or auditions, you will require basic skills in acting and a voice that has the capacity to change tones. You can try a simple home test to see if you are cut out for this type of career.

      Get a simple cartoon script and a voice recording device. Read a part of the script, trying it in different voices and tones to capture the essence of the script. Afterward, listen to your recording and assess how well you did. Get a family member or friend to listen and give you an honest opinion on how you sounded. This is the first step you should take if you are contemplating a career in cartoon voice-overs.

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